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7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Furniture for Your Home

7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Furniture for Your Home

Imagine if your house had no furniture at all, your room would definitely look empty and very unaesthetic. For this reason, the presence of furniture is very important considering the function of each piece of furniture itself. For example, a dressing table and coffee table, even though they are both called tables, their function is not at all the same.

This also applies to your home. It doesn’t matter how much or how little furniture you have, whether it’s good or bad, whether the furniture you have is cheap or expensive, everything will definitely be useful for you. Whether as a decorative or functional element.

For those of you who have high taste in choosing furniture, the process of choosing furniture can sometimes be difficult. There are many things you can consider when choosing furniture that suits you, apart from just your needs or decoration. Actually, if you understand how to choose furniture that is suitable for you, it will really make it easier for you. It all depends on you because furniture only follows the room concept, budget and needs.

You need to know that no furniture is intentionally created to be in bad condition. Because each piece of furniture has its own function in each room. For example, the dining table that people use to place food so they can enjoy it comfortably, is all beyond the level of aesthetic value and beauty of the dining table. All furniture definitely has its own shape and different designs. The problem is, not everyone is good at choosing and combining this furniture with the room concept. As a result, expensive items with high aesthetics do not look beautiful because they do not match the concept and needs of the room.

So, for that I will explain how to choose the right furniture? And what are the benchmarks? I will explain one by one for you.

Before explaining the tips for choosing suitable furniture, there are 2 important criteria that you must know when choosing furniture. Every piece of furniture has a practical and aesthetic function. The practical function is the use of furniture for a room, such as placing tables, chairs, decorations, etc. This is different from the aesthetic function which prioritizes the beauty of the house or room.

7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Furniture for Your Home

Before choosing furniture

At first glance it sounds very simple in terms of choosing. However, it would be a good idea before you decide on the furniture you want to buy to discuss it first, if it is for office needs you can discuss it with colleagues, if it is for home needs you can discuss it with people at home. The discussion can include needs, room design, and most importantly the existing budget.

If you have discussed it, then you have to determine the theme of your house, this will make it easier for you to choose furniture. For example, you have to choose minimalist furniture because of the minimalist theme of your house. This applies to all homes because it will create a harmonious impression of your home if the furniture matches the room, creating comfort and beauty in itself.

When choosing furniture, you are also required to be realistic in choosing what type of furniture is most suitable for your home. After that, you have to know the details of your room such as the area, floor height, wall structure, etc. Then, start by matching the color, determining the design, and adapting it to other existing furniture in your home.

7 Tips for Choosing Furniture

Choose furniture that matches the room

This is a simple thing but very important for those of you who want to buy furniture, because even if you buy expensive furniture but it doesn’t match the condition of the room, it’s just a waste of money, time and energy because you won’t get the aesthetic value of the expensive furniture.

Furniture Size

7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Furniture for Your Home

Before determining the size of the furniture, you should measure the area of the room and the condition of the room first so that it is easy to determine the appropriate furniture size. For example, if our living room is small, it would be better for us to buy a sofa that is not too long but does not reduce the comfort and beauty of the room.

So that your expenses are not in vain, always look at the condition of the room first before buying furniture and make sure it suits your needs.

Color Selection

The choice of color here really influences the harmony of the theme of your home. Choose furniture colors that match the walls or other room decorations so that they look beautiful. It’s easy, you just need to match the dominant color of the room and avoid colors that are opposite.

Know the function of the room and furniture

7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Furniture for Your Home

Before choosing furniture, it’s a good idea to adjust the function of the furniture to the function of the room, this aims to ensure that the furniture you buy functions as it should. For example, if you want to buy furniture for the dining room which is used for “eating with the family”, it is impossible for you to choose a sofa and coffee table for the dining room, of course you buy a dining table that suits the condition of your room and buy dining chairs that match. with the table,

So you should be wise in buying furniture, not only about expensive and luxurious, but you must also pay attention to the aesthetic value and function.

Furniture Shapes and Designs

When it comes to design and shape, of course you have your own tastes and views about furniture. The design and shape of the furniture is very important because it must be in harmony with the theme of the room. Apart from that, you should also be able to choose a timeless design to save costs.

Choose quality and durable materials

Lots of furniture from various materials and materials are already on the market. For example, for longevity and durability, namely dressing tables and coffee tables because they are made of wood construction. One of them you can find in Michafur. Apart from appearing natural, wood also has better durability than aluminum or particle wood. However, the use of wood is currently being reduced, this is due to the decreasing area of forest in the world and causing the price of wooden furniture to become expensive.

Apart from that, you can pay attention to the quality of the furniture’s finishing and upholstery. As a benchmark, you need to pay attention to the material, varnishing technique, resistance to dirt and water, level of maintenance, and the quality of the material for long-lasting color.

Adjusting the Budget

This is the most important thing for you to calculate carefully, because whatever the furniture is, it must suit the budget you have. But as much as possible, think again about the tips above if you want to buy cheap furniture because it has a direct impact on the quality of the goods.

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