A Story of our company

from our place to your room

Jan & Clift 

is a brand of CV Rainbow Trikarsa Mandiri, a legal and certified company, founded in 2005, operating in the furniture producer sector with a reach in both domestic and international markets.

Located in the Tangerang area, a satellite city of Jakarta, we produce all kinds of indoor furniture made from various species of solid wood and panel materials such as plywood and MDF, all of which are legal and certified. Finished with environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health. From this place, our products are distributed to domestic market and overseas markets such as the USA, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, and even Panama.

We are aware that there are many furniture manufacturers in the world, and of course, each manufacturer will claim that their product is the best.

Reflecting on the intense competition described above, CV Rainbow feels that besides providing good and useful products, world-class service, both before and after the purchase is made, will definitely be included “free of charge” when you make a purchase.

We will try to put ourselves in the position of the consumer/buyer so that we can empathize with what they need and feel. Production status reports (smooth or problematic), timely delivery, safe packaging, 16-hour/day communication, all of these we do for the satisfaction of our consumers/buyers.

Last but not least, we are very grateful that you have stop-by at our website. We will gladly accept all feedback for our improvement in serving you better and better in the future. And... Don't forget to choose your dream pieces from our place and bring them to your home sweet home 😉

CV Rainbow Trikarsa Mandiri

Jl. Padat Karya Ujung No.71 RT/RW 02/01
Desa Cukanggalih – Curug
Tangerang 15810
Banten, Indonesia

Manufacturing a vast range of furniture selections for enhancing your home’s important spaces with different elements & finishes, following classic & modern trends.