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Sandalwood, a special type of furniture material

Sandalwood, a special type of furniture material

Indonesia is one of the countries with the best wood commodities in the world. There are many types of quality wood that are suitable for processing into furniture, one of which is sandalwood. Sandalwood has very distinctive characteristics compared to other types of wood so it is always in demand.

Sandalwood, a special type of furniture material

Want to know more about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood for making furniture and other products? Check out the review below!

Characteristics of Sandalwood

Sandalwood, a special type of furniture material

Several characteristics that distinguish sandalwood from other types of wood, namely:

  • The sandalwood tree (Santalum album L.) is a parasitic plant that requires a host to live. The types of hosts that sandalwood usually live in are acacia, alang-alang, albizia and inga. Because of its parasitic nature, the process of breeding sandalwood trees is difficult and takes a lot of time.
  • There are two types of sandalwood trees based on their varieties, namely white sandalwood and red sandalwood. White sandalwood is more sought after because it has a very fragrant aroma compared to red sandalwood. The original habitat of white sandalwood is in the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) region, while red sandalwood grows mostly in India and Funan.
  • Sandalwood can grow to a height of 11 to 15 meters with a diameter of between 25 and 30 cm.
    The stem is round and brown, while the inside is yellow-brown.
    This type of tree has red flowers with 4 to 5 petals and round fruit that is purplish black in color.
    Sandalwood (popularly known as sandalwood) contains essential oils at 4% -8%.

Advantages of Sandalwood

Until now, sandalwood wood is still sought after by many people because of a number of advantages, including:

  • The aroma is so distinctive that it can be used as a basic ingredient for aromatherapy. This feature is clearly different compared to other types of wood which have no aroma at all.
  • The texture of sandalwood is very smooth and is suitable as a furniture material. All furniture made from this type of wood will look luxurious and unique because it produces a distinctive aroma.
  • The color characteristics are very interesting because they are similar to sulfur yellow. This color is very striking and unique compared to other woods which are usually brown and reddish in color.
  • The weight is not too heavy so it can produce furniture that is easy to move.
    The shrinkage rate is relatively low if it is processed properly before being used as a basic material for furniture.

Disadvantages of Sandalwood

Apart from having various advantages, sandalwood also has several disadvantages that you can consider. These shortcomings include:

  • Its size is relatively small when compared to other types of wood (for example teak wood which can reach 2 meters in diameter). This size limitation means that sandalwood sheets can only be processed into small furniture. Sandalwood must be joined in such a way to produce large furniture.
  • The price is considered very expensive because the quantity is scarce and many people compete for it.
  • The process of processing sandalwood to produce quality furniture is also very complicated. This complicated process aims to produce wood that is sturdy and not easily damaged.

Variations of Sandalwood Products Apart from Furniture

Apart from being suitable as a basic material for furniture, sandalwood is usually also processed into various products, for example:

  • Basic ingredients for perfume and aromatherapy oil.
  • One of the raw materials for skincare products which functions to soften the skin and remove black spots naturally.
  • Herbal medicine that is useful for treating dysentery, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing the uterus after menstruation.
  • Handicraft materials such as prayer beads, fans and bracelets.
  • Window frames and door frames.

If you like a calming natural aroma, sandalwood furniture could be the right choice to perfect the interior of your home. Choose the best furniture that is strong, durable and suits your and your family’s tastes.

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